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Monday, August 13, 2012

2 Months And A Half Off (Part 2)

This series of posts is a day by day account of my two-month-and-a-half trip that begins with a stay in Bangkok, followed by a train and bike trip in India and a yoga teacher training.

Day 2: Dodgy Chicken
The morning began with a morning swim and a few nibbles from the Trang Palace's breakfast buffet which came with the room. They had a nice selection of dishes but most of them were too salty for my taste. After typing my first blog post by the pool and reading my book, I packed my bags and checked out of the hotel.

Checking out took longer than I thought it would. I called up the receptionist who told me that she'll send a porter to get my things. I waited for around half an hour but the porter never came. Seeing through their ruse of making me wait so that I'll miss the check out time and end up paying half a night's rate, I lugged my bags to the reception area (which is in the adjoining building) to officially check out, leave my things in their storage room and thank them for wasting my time.

I got on a taxi and headed to Rambuttri where I met my boyfriend and his nephew. From there, we headed for a walk around the backpacker area and feasted on amazing curry and tom yum goong in The Macaroni Room and huge servings of ice cream in Swensen's before we headed to the airport hotel where we will be spending two nights before our flight to India.

Unfortunately, the red curry in the Macaroni Room wasn't so amazing and my boyfriend's nephew ended up with food poisoning two hours before his flight. Instead of seeing him off, we ended up going to the airport clinic which is on the second floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport. From there, we had a nice ambulance ride to the Samitev Srinakarin Hospital where we ended up staying for two nights.

Fortunately, World Nomads and my aunt in Thailand did a brilliant job in making sure that we didn't have to pay a single cent during our stay in the hospital which was rather posh and expensive. A night in their cheapest room costs around $200. And, before you can be admitted, a deposit of 20,000 baht (around $600) needs to be paid. 

The hospital room we got was like a hotel room with a flat screen TV, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a really plush couch for us to sleep in. The bathroom came with lavander scented shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion as well as a dental kit and other things you usually find in a hotel. It even had room service! It was a whole lot better than the room we booked for the two nights.

Day 3: Hotels And Other Things

The Cottage Suvharnabhumi (Lat Krabang Road, Bangkok)
Since we knew that our flight for Kolkata would be cancelled and would need a couple of extra nights in Bangkok to sort out our flights as well as my boyfriend's newphew's flight home, we decided to extend our stay in The Cottage Suvharnabhumi. The hotel's policies made it impossible for us to do that.

Because of a promotion on Agoda, I got a nice room with a private terrace in The Cottage Suvharnabhmi for $25. But, when I asked if we could stay two more nights, we were asked to pay the full amount per night which was $50. So, that day, with the hospital's complimentary wi-fi, we sorted out our new rooms and flights.

Day 4: Check In, Check Out And Back To The Airport Again
After spending the night at the hospital, I headed back to the hotel to pack our stuff and check out. And, to make the most of our stay in The Cottage, I spent a couple of hours by the pool before I checked out. I thought the red bean bags were a nice addition to the pool area.

The Cottage (Pool Area)

The Cottage

The Cottage (Lounge Area)
The hotel staff in The Cottage were very helpful when I checked out. They even wrote down our new hotel's address in Thai so that the cab driver would know where to go. 

The Great Residence Suvharnabhumi Hotel (Lat Krabang Road, Bangkok)
I thought it was really lucky to book a triple room in this hotel for only $21. It's a bit old and the wi-fi wasn't very reliable but it had a pool and a private terrace. 

Since my boyfriend in formed me that they would leave the hospital that day, I decided to spend the day exploring the area. At first, I thought I've made a huge mistake booking a place in the middle of nowhere and we would be dependent on the hotel's restaurant which was only serving around six unappealing dishes. The waitress was also quite surly and unapproachable. 

When I approached the counter, I noticed a poster that had some English sentences with Thai translations. This was the pleasant spill she was supposed to give when a customer approached her. Instead, she skipped all the lines, gave me a grunt and handed me the menu. I just shook my head and took a walk to look for a place to eat.

It was lunch time and all the bar restaurants near the hotel were closed. Luckily, at the end of the road, I spotted a 7/11 and a noodle stand. There, I had a huge brunch which consisted of a prawn wanton soup from 7/11 and a beef noodle soup from a cheerful old man's noodle stand. 

After the huge meal, I decided to go for a walk and discovered an arcade filled with restaurants. And, at the very end of that arcade, I found heaven -- The Thai Senses Spa which had a really comfy chair. I had a foot spa and a foot massage and dozed off. That chair claimed me and it took some time before I was able to get up and head back to the hotel.

The Most Amazing Chair Ever!
I got back to the hotel in time to let my boyfriend and his nephew into the room. I found out that he got a booking to fly home that night. So, we had dinner at a nearby bar restaurant which had three Vietnamese waiters. Fortunately, the last meal didn't bring about another case of food poisoning. A few hours later, we took a cab back to the airport to see his nephew off.

Day 5: A Day For Chilling
Since our flight to Delhi was booked for the next day, we had a day all to ourselves. We spent it eating, chilling by the pool and indulging in massages in the nearby spa with the comfortable seats. It was a nice rest day before a long trip.

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