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Every traveller has his or her story. These are my stories -- Experiences that I love sharing with friends and family which have been extended to people around the world. 

A lot of people are visual. As much as they love reading travel books to know where to go, having a picture can make them have a feel of a place, enticing them to follow my lead or have their own adventures. Each blog also has a description of the places I've stayed in and eaten in. No one wants a bad experience in a journey. And, hopefully, my blog can help prevent that.

Also, with this blog, I'm sharing my goals of becoming a travel writer and photographer -- I'm no professional. If you ask me anything about the technical bits of photography, I'm bound to say something stupid. But, this doesn't mean that I can't develop my skills. So, if you have any ideas on how I could grow into this career, I'll definitely appreciate getting some tips. Anyone who's interested in asking me to write for their website is very much welcome to contact me. I've always said that my ideal career is one where I could travel to new locations, write about it and take photos (maybe practice and write about yoga and martial arts on the side). 

As of the moment, this is just a hobby -- And, I really find it rewarding to get followers, page views and hopefully, some comments in the future. So, don't hesitate to subscribe to this blog or leave a comment. 

Although some travellers would prefer to travel alone, I was really grateful to have some people to share my trips with. It was great to have someone around to listen to your rants about bad service or your ravings about the wonderful trip.

My boyfriend, fellow foodie and travel buddy in Puerto Princesa. PHILIPPINES, August 2011.
My motrbike driver, travel buddy and boyfriend on our way to Phonsavan. LAOS,  May 2011.