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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Corregidor, Philippines

Corregidor is a small rocky island located around 48 kilometers west of Manila. In order to catch our ferry and get to the island, we had quite an early start. We were lucky to get to the harbor around 10 to 15 minutes before boarding time.

Corregidor means correction in Spanish. The island got its name during the Spanish rule. Not only was it used as a fortress of defense, it was also used as a correctional institution. 

When the Americans colonized the Philippines, the island became a military post and bomb shelters, trails and concrete emplacements were constructed on the island. 

During World War II, it became the headquarters of the Allied forces as well as the seat of the Philippine Commonwealth. After being heavily bombed by the Japanese and being blocked from sources of food and water, the Filipino and American soldiers were forced to surrender.

The massive coastal guns, mortars, ruins of bombed buildings, tunnels as well as an old lighthouse are some remaining marks of the island's history. This island shouldn't be missed by people who are interested in history and weapons.


The Filipino Woman (Filipino Heroes Memorial). 

Battle of Mactan (Filipino Heroes Memorial)

Filipino Heroes Memorial

Gabriela Silang. She's probably one of my favourite heroes. She sort of reminds me of Boudicca, the queen of the British Icenti who led an uprising against the Roman empire.

Diego Silang.

Japanese Garden of Peace.

Caballo Island. Another fortified island opposite Corregidor.

Malinta Tunnel Light Show.

Soldiers In The Malinta Tunnel Waiting For The War To End.

This tunnel was built when the Americans realized that their means of defence obsolete against airborne attacks.

The View We Had While Having Our Buffet Lunch.

Quick Travel Tips:

Book a trip with Sun Cruises two days in advance. The fee is Php2,099 (around $42) round trip, inclusive of a tour, a welcome drink and a buffet lunch.

Extra Costs:
The fee for the Malinta Tunnel Show is not included. You'll have to pay an extra Php150 (around $3) to get in. Only water will be provided for the buffet. Drinks (with the exception of the welcome drink) aren't included. 

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